We Test Tools & Equipment So You Don't Have To

At DIY Garden, our mission is simple; to help you improve your outdoor space by finding the best tools and equipment. We conduct original research, real-world testing and expert analysis to help you make informed buying decisions.

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Our Approach to Product Testing

At DIY Garden, our goal is to provide you with fairhonest and unbiased product recommendations.

Although we spend a lot of time researching products based on their technical specifications, we understand that the real value to you is in us trying and testing them first.

We purchase our own products, test them in a systematic and consistent way, and then make our recommendations based on real experiences.

We keep products for the long term until they’re discontinued. This way we can go back and test them against new models, to ensure our results are still accurate.

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  • 10Garden & DIY experts
  • 279products tested
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